Anaara - a technology agency. Mobile development (iPhone / iPad, Android), web development, game development. Adobe / Apache Flex, HTML 5, Unity 3D, iOS.
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We specialize in seamless USER EXPERIENCES that users don’t notice (that’s what makes them great) and DATA VISUALIZATION, bringing new meaning and clarity to complex data sets. 

RIA Development
Mobile Development
Web Architecture Development
Back-end Programming
Front-end Development
WBT/CBT Systems Design
Motion Graphics Development
Audio/Video Post Production//

Improving User Experience
We helped airports across the world to replace those old dull, monitors with the new LCD screens you now see with colorful text and graphics.

Create innovative, easy to use apps
Mercedes Benz US web site offers complex features, but a simple and fun experience that allows customers to custom build a Mercedes.

Data Visualization
Department of Energy: this dashboard provides an easy-to-use tool to help manage Recovery Act funding.


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