Department of Defense: Computer Based Training


Developed an interactive 3D, game-like e-learning application for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and the Department of Defense, with a target audience of four million end users. Course deployed on LMS and CD-ROM.

The DISA training is important because currency in DISA's annual IA training is required before any network access is granted.

The interactive training reinforces knowledge transfer by presenting typical situations users would encounter and grading the users' responses. It's the right way to present online training and it's a long way from presentation slides/Q&A.

This program is used by many federal agencies, if not all, on an annual basis to educate and/or remind employees and contractors of security threats that can be posed in an office setting. The threats can range from social engineering, having a weak password, not securing your work space and spam. The users are not only informed of the information but also go through scenario based training by answering questions correctly. It is a really helpful tool and training guide to go through at least once a year. With the numerous security threats that exist, it is easy for anyone to overlook them. This tool helps to remind individuals of all the threats that exist and how to deal with them. back >