We help you find the solution by digging deep into the roots of the issue; we clarify the problem to be solved and then we approach it in a methodical manner and often from a unique perspective. Novel design capabilities coupled with our extensive industry background makes us the ideal vector to bring your vision to reality.//
We strive to deliver compelling user experiences that improve the lives of people. We do not accept work relating to alcohol, tobacco, or banking.//
We take a holistic approach to problem solving; rather than trying to address symptoms of an issue, we prefer to understand the cause of the issue, the real reasons driving the customers needs and then envision a solution that best addresses these needs.//

Fuad Kamal

With a background in biotechnology, Fuad began his career developing assays and cutting edge technologies around HIV research. From there he shifted into the bioinformatics arena, where he developed innovative information systems in Perl. He started playing with the Flash platform around the time Flash 4 was released, and later developed the flash interface for the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that you see at pretty much every major airport around the world today. Fuad loves delving into new technologies and pushing technologies in novel directions - he like to always be knee-deep in code. Currently he is focused on iOS development and excited about Swift. Fuad has pursued the study of several martial arts over the years, including Taekwon Do and Iaido. Fuad has often applied principals he learned from his study of the martial arts to mentoring others as well as taking a unique approach to problem solving. He has found that quite often, the barriers we set before us are more mental than anything else, and the key to overcoming them lies in understanding this concept.

Kashef Qaadri
Director of Business

Kashef has extensive experience in technology, software sales and business development. Previously, he conducted research at several renowned institutions, including the NIH, Howard Hughes, the University of Pennsylvania, and Howard University. In addition to gaining expertise in research, he has spent the past few years in fields of bioinformatics, computational biology, and systems biology. Most recently, he led business development, sales, and marketing efforts at IO Informatics, a semantic technology company. His strong technology background has contributed significantly to his effectiveness in business development, sales, marketing, management, and strategic development. Kashef has enjoyed presenting at conferences and has also taught several classes on various topics.

Adnaan Ahmad
Lead UX Architect

Adnaan has over 8 years of practical experience in User Experience and Interface Design. He has spoken on several occasions at professional venues on design and development to peers and colleagues in the field. Adnaan holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in Imaging and Digital Arts, completing both, Animation and Interactivity tracks at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, prior to such programs becoming common place. Adnaan is able to translate requirements into visual wire-frames, prototypes, and fully realized designs. He excels at generating creative solutions to new usability and interaction problems. When working in a team, Adnaan is often asked to interface with the client because of his superior communication skills and friendly demeanour. He believes sympathy for the end user is what makes a great User Experience Designer and reflects this throughout his creative process.