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Mercedes Benz USA Flex 3 Site Launched

It’s an ecstatic day for us here at Anaara Media as went live this morning. It has been a tremendous effort for our team, the in-house team at Mercedes in New Jersey, and also Yakov Fain and Valerie Silaev over at Farata Systems in Russia. We had been working around the clock on this project since January. The presentation tier is Flex 3 using the Cairngorm framework, on the back end they have a robust CMS talking with Java, and in between it all is Adobe LiveCycle Data Services.

Mercedes Benz USA

It was great to finally see our efforts on this project go live, but things are only ramping up here as we begin work on an iPhone application for a major telecom and we are also wrapping up on a DOD e-Learning project done in Flash with four million end users…

In short, the RIA space is still in the supernova phase.

January 20, 2008

useful iPhone links

After dropping my much beloved Sony Ericsson 790a into the Arabian gulf, I took the phone apart and let it dry out for quite a few days. After reassembly, it worked great for a few days until back in the States, the bluetooth and antenna seemed to fizzle out suddenly. It appears that the battery may be leaking. Anyone in the market for a 3.2 MP Sony Cybershot camera that used to be a mobile phone? Anyway I needed another phone fast so I broke down and got an iPhone. Turns out the iPhone is actually better than expected, even for a skeptic like me. Since then I have come across a number of useful iPhone sites, so I thought I might share:

The Apple iPhone Page from TUAW

Erica Sadun




Caption Crunch

Note there are a number of customizations that can be done to the iPhone without JailBreaking it. That being said, I take no responsibility whatsoever if you should screw up your phone.

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