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Mobile Dashboard for Telecoms


Telecom companies have worldwide, complex network infrastructures consisting of many types of equipment. They need to be aware of potential problem areas before they become problems, addressing them ahead of time to avoid network downtime. Our client, Celcite (aquired by AMDOCS) provides unique algorithmic solutions whereby they analyze current and past network trends and are able to predict future loads. Celcite approached Anaara to develop an interactive, mobile data visualization solution to enable telecom executives to monitor their overall network health from anywhere.

Our Solution

We created a native iPad application which can be custom branded for each telecom company. It allows them to geospatially visualize their entire network, apply any number of filters, and using a simple, intuitive interface, drill down from country level data to regions and subregions for truly granular information.

The Result

Telecom companies use the dashboard to monitor their networks worldwide, predict problem areas up to in advance and address issues before they occur. back >