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Cyclists are in a race to level up their watts per kilo. If your mobile app is vintage 2016, you are going to get dropped.  

Anaara helps health & fitness companies keep their customers engaged with native mobile experiences that keep pace with the latest platform developments.

The average mobile app costs $270,000 to design, build and launch. Gartner estimates less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered a financial success through 2018. Furthermore a study by mobile customer acquisition expert Andrew Chen found that apps lose 77 percent of users within three days of initial install. He stresses that within the first couple days of installing an app users either get the app or forget about it completely.

Be in that 0.1%. Don’t let your app fail on launch.

Every year Apple introduces radical changes to their operating systems and is constantly introducing new features and technologies. In such a radically evolving landscape you absolutely cannot afford to step into development without a plan which enables you to scale and adapt as rapidly as the market shifts.

Book a quick 15 minute call with us now to see if we can potentially save you thousands of dollars with a mobile road mapping strategy.

Ram Balasubramanian

Ram Bal​asubramanian

  Mobile / Big Data Product Manager at Envolve PeopleCare  


Fuad and his team at Anaara took our mobile applications a huge step forward. They revived our Android app, rewrote our iOS app from the ground up, creating a truly responsive and intuitive experience for our users. Fuad’s attention to detail, his professional conduct, and commitment to quality helped us to create a better product. Fuad and his team are very passionate about mobile and always keep themselves abreast of the latest platform developments. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Rajneesh Malik

Rajneesh Malik

Head of RAN Software at AMDOCS


Our company provides critical solutions for large telecom companies worldwide. We found an ideal partnership in Fuad and his team at Anaara. They helped us to create customized solutions for our clients, such as a mobile app that would allow executives to keep track of network health from anywhere across the globe. Their development prowess was second to none as was their expertise in user experience, information design and data visualization. Anaara supported us in bringing cutting edge business solutions to our clients every time. It has truly been a pleasure to work with the folks at Anaara.

brett padgett

Brett Padgett

Director, Citigroup


Fuad always seemed to know exactly what I needed to get to the next level. He would challenge and push me; however, he would never overwhelm me. He had a keen sense of what I was ready for every step of the way…Fuad was a phenomenal mentor, and I would highly recommend him for others.