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After dropping my much beloved Sony Ericsson 790a into the Arabian gulf, I took the phone apart and let it dry out for quite a few days. After reassembly, it worked great for a few days until back in the States, the bluetooth and antenna seemed to fizzle out suddenly. It appears that the battery may be leaking. Anyone in the market for a 3.2 MP Sony Cybershot camera that used to be a mobile phone? Anyway I needed another phone fast so I broke down and got an iPhone. Turns out the iPhone is actually better than expected, even for a skeptic like me. Since then I have come across a number of useful iPhone sites, so I thought I might share:

The Apple iPhone Page from TUAW

Erica Sadun




Caption Crunch

Note there are a number of customizations that can be done to the iPhone without JailBreaking it. That being said, I take no responsibility whatsoever if you should screw up your phone.


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