Text Kit and color themes in iOS

this week’s iOS resources:

Text Kit

Text Kit Basics – a very nice overview of what it is
Text Kit tutorial (Swift) on Ray Wenderlich

Apple Development Videos – see “Architecting Modern Apps, Part 1”

See how technologies like Text Kit, Dynamics, and Auto Layout make it easy to build flexible, modern interfaces. Gain expanded control over your user interface with powerful new animation APIs to enable custom transitions


Color / Color Themes in iOS

This is from the HIG, you should really read the whole thing at some point, if you haven’t already:
And finally, some miscellaneous useful utilities:
Mirror your iOS device screen to your computer screen, and also record video of it:
(there is a full featured trial version, good for one week)
A screen recording app for Mac, useful for screenshots and screen recordings:
Snapz Pro X


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