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On building and marketing your application

Interior Design App (source:

from one of my LinkedIn contacts (re-posted with permission):

Hello Mr. Kamal,Thanks for adding me to your professional network. I’m a student at Marymount University, and I’m pursuing my master degree in interior design. I’m taking a course in professional practice this semester, and working on a business plan project! My business plan is about creating an application to be used on by interior designers from all levels (beginners, intermediates, and professionals). since you’re a professional in this field, I want to ask your help! I have several questions:Continue reading
June 24, 2010

review: TwelveSouth BookArc for iPad

I just received and started using TwelveSouth’s stand for the iPad, BookArc. In short, it looks really cool, which is an obvious selling point. In use though, at first I was a bit dismayed, as when the iPad sits up straight in the stand, it’s at a pretty awkward angle if you’re sitting at a desktop and trying to view the screen. It does have an alternate angle, though, but it took quite a bit of figgling with the stand to figure out how to get the iPad to sit in it properly.

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Mercedes Benz USA Flex 3 Site Launched

It’s an ecstatic day for us here at Anaara Media as went live this morning. It has been a tremendous effort for our team, the in-house team at Mercedes in New Jersey, and also Yakov Fain and Valerie Silaev over at Farata Systems in Russia. We had been working around the clock on this project since January. The presentation tier is Flex 3 using the Cairngorm framework, on the back end they have a robust CMS talking with Java, and in between it all is Adobe LiveCycle Data Services.

Mercedes Benz USA

It was great to finally see our efforts on this project go live, but things are only ramping up here as we begin work on an iPhone application for a major telecom and we are also wrapping up on a DOD e-Learning project done in Flash with four million end users…

In short, the RIA space is still in the supernova phase.