June 24, 2010

review: TwelveSouth BookArc for iPad

I just received and started using TwelveSouth’s stand for the iPad, BookArc. In short, it looks really cool, which is an obvious selling point. In use though, at first I was a bit dismayed, as when the iPad sits up straight in the stand, it’s at a pretty awkward angle if you’re sitting at a desktop and trying to view the screen. It does have an alternate angle, though, but it took quite a bit of figgling with the stand to figure out how to get the iPad to sit in it properly.

The slot for the iPad is a very soft rubber, so it’s definitely gentle on the iPad, however when you touch the screen (as per normal interactions with the device) the iPad shakes quite a bit…just a bit annoying. I had to make sure I touched the screen gently to minimize the shake. With a bluetooth keyboard and mouse (see this hack for getting the mouse to work) though this setup seems to have quite a lot of possibilities…
Oh, and if you just recently updated to iTunes 9.2 and found out that if you want to jailbreak your iPad you’re outta luck…here’s how to downgrade iTunes to a previous version.

Fuad Kamal

With a background in biotechnology, Fuad began his career developing assays and cutting edge technologies around HIV research. From there he shifted into the bioinformatics arena, where he developed innovative information systems in Perl. He started playing with the Flash platform around the time Flash 4 was released, and later developed the flash interface for the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that you see at pretty much every major airport around the world today. Fuad loves delving into new technologies and pushing technologies in novel directions. Currently he is focused on providing mobile strategy & development for the Health & Fitness markets. He is an iOS developer, teaches an Android & Kotlin college course, and is currently writing The Kotlin Book http://thekotlinbook.com. Fuad has often applied principals he learned from his study of the martial arts to mentoring others as well as taking a unique approach to problem solving. He has found that quite often, the barriers we set before us are more mental than anything else, and the key to overcoming them lies in understanding this concept.

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