August 21, 2014

New iTunes Connect Analytics, Crash Reporting

iTunes Connect

There are a lot of changes coming with iOS 8 including the quality and type of reporting on app usage, analytics, and crash reports directly from Apple.  These don’t seem to be specific or limited to iOS 8, but rather part of updates to the App Store & iTunes connect.  The impression I got from the announcements they made in this regard was that basically companies like Crashlytics and AppDynamics may be seeing competition from Apple, at least on the iOS side of the house.

Apple hasn’t provided in depth details about these features yet, but I would recommend sticking to Google Analytics (free!) in the interim until they are released.  Well, I guess Crashlytics is free, too, ever since they were acquired.

Specific features I was able to glean from the State of the Union address at WWDC14:

iTunes Connect Dashboard


  • how many users visited your store pages
  • how many users went on to download your app
  • how many users remained active over time
  • all the analytics features are built directly into iOS – no extra coding needed by the developer (unlike Google Analytics, an any other third party services where we have to put in specific calls to GA in many places in our code)


  • app store views
  • app units
  • in-app purchases
  • sales
  • average sales


  • installations
  • active devices
  • sessions
  • stickiness
  • filter by device type

Beta Distribution

  • Apple is leveraging TestFlight which they acquired recently to roll out a new beta deployment service
  • beta users download the beta app just using their standard Apple ID (same one they use for iTunes etc.) – no need for any special profiles etc.
  • each app can have up to 1,000 beta testers (note they are not giving a device limit per org – this is 1,000 testers PER BETA App.  They were very clear that there is no device limit.)
  • TestFlight service can also be used for internal dev & testing teams – no more need for profiles etc. again.  This will circumvent our current need for multiple Apple accounts (enterprise, regular) and we will no longer be constrained by limited number of devices for testing.


  • Apple said it will be available in 2015
  • Fully aggregated and symbolic crash reports
  • Developers will be able to work through the crash reports from within Xcode

Fuad Kamal

With a background in biotechnology, Fuad began his career developing assays and cutting edge technologies around HIV research. From there he shifted into the bioinformatics arena, where he developed innovative information systems in Perl. He started playing with the Flash platform around the time Flash 4 was released, and later developed the flash interface for the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) that you see at pretty much every major airport around the world today. Fuad loves delving into new technologies and pushing technologies in novel directions. Currently he is focused on providing mobile strategy & development for the Health & Fitness markets. He is an iOS developer, teaches an Android & Kotlin college course, and is currently writing The Kotlin Book Fuad has often applied principals he learned from his study of the martial arts to mentoring others as well as taking a unique approach to problem solving. He has found that quite often, the barriers we set before us are more mental than anything else, and the key to overcoming them lies in understanding this concept.

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