iOS Hamburger Menu Controller

Apple’s Official Hamburger Menu iOS control – iOS 9 beta 0.9

I have been having this argument with a client for over five months, now.  I guess sometimes ‘…but everyone else on the planet is doing it’ is a hard argument to overcome.  It really says something about Apple that they don’t do what others are doing.  Rather, they do what they feel is the absolute best way to do things.  So take your usability studies and throw them out the window…

check out the 2014 WWDC video entitled “Designing Intuitive User Experiences” (you can access all the 2014 WWDC videos here:  At 32:30 he covers the dreaded Hamburger Menu topic.  Throughout the video before that he talks about how to structure navigation in an intuitive manner.  If nothing else, this screenshot says it all:

iOS Hamburger Menu Controller
iOS Hamburger Menu Controller. It doesn’t exist – for a reason!
Hamburger Menu is NOT an iOS control for a reason.
In fact, they go on to say that Apple typically does NOT give design advice about our apps, but in this one case they make an exception!
Furthermore, the example he uses in his talk is actually a banking app – so it’s not like banking / financial apps are the one good use case for hamburger menus.
update: there’s a really nice transcript of the hamburger menu section of the talk here.


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