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“What’s your coding history?” – An Interview Question

self portrait

I was recently asked these questions about my programming history, and when I found my response rather verbose I figured I would share with a few more folks…

What’s your coding history? When did you start, and what have you done between then and now?


I started programming in the late 70’s in BASIC on TRS80 (which we lovingly referred to as “trash 80’s”.  I never did the punch card thing but all of my programming teachers had and loved to tell us how much easier things were for us.

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Getting Started OSMF (Part 2)

Open Source Media Framework

In Part 1 we briefly looked at some documentation and references for quickly getting up to speed on OSMF.  Now in Part 2 I want to touch on some different options the developer has regarding what classes to use to actually build their OSMF video player.  The main difference in the various options has to do with choosing ease of coding and simplicity versus flexibility / player capabilities.Continue reading

Getting Started with OSMF (Part 1)

Open Source Media Framework

Recently I took on a project with the U.S. State Department on behalf of Adobe Consulting, involving migrating their entire video platform from Windows Media to Adobe Media Server (AMF). As part of the project, I had to develop several video players using Apache Flex. With a lot of changes going on recently with Flex being open sourced, with new versions of the Flex SDK, and new versions of Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), which is now bundled with the Apache Flex SDK installer, I had a little bit of a rocky start building my OSMF players.Continue reading

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