Sketch 3 by Bohemian coding is looking more and more like a promising replacement, nay, an upgrade, from Photoshop & Illustrator for our iOS design and asset creation needs.  I thought I would detail some resources I found useful in trying to learn Sketch.

Design+Code book.  I had looked at this a while ago, but hearing the guys on the Ray Wenderlich podcast recommend it to developers (as opposed to just designers) pushed me over the fence into actually buying it.  Getting the book also gives you a 20% discount on the license for Sketch, which is awesome.  I’ve still got plenty to get through with this book but so far I am pretty happy with this purchase.

Beta release of Sketch 3 – what better way to try out the latest and greatest features.  Not a replacement for getting a licensed, production version of Sketch but if you’re just learning anyway, then why not?

Learning resources listed by users on on Sketch Talk.



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