podcasts for iOS developers

I previously posted a list of iOS related podcasts I listen to during my wonderful 18 hour, 1400 mile commute between Maryland and Atlanta every week.  Well, this is my last week in Atlanta, but I wanted to update the list as my podcast selections have changed a bit.  Here’s the new list, in order of my listening preference:

  1. Ray Wenderlich Podcast
  2. More Than Just Code Podcast
  3. NSBrief
  4. Cocoa Radio – link removed – it doesn’t seem like this is available anywhere outside my iTunes & iPhone anymore 🙁 @justin
  5. Debug
  6. The Business of Freelancing with Brennan Dunn
  7. Springboard (Ash Furrow) – this one is no longer being updated, but it’s a great collection of interviews with a target audience of folks just getting into iOS development
  8. Release Notes
  9. Iterate


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