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  • Jobseeker AI Toolkit

    Jobseeker AI Toolkit

    Using AI to battle AI The economy has been upside down since late last year. Many people have been laid off, flooding the job market with qualified candidates. Companies have employed AI to screen the thousands of job applications they get. But, this screening process prevents many qualified candidates from ever having a human eye…

  • Success is built on Failure

    Success is built on Failure

    Yesterday I listened to interviews of Seth Godin and Brian Scudamore. Brian now has five companies, valued at $25 million, with a goal of expanding to ten companies. When he was eight years into his first company, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? he was at about a million dollars in revenue. But before that, he failed. A lot. He…

  • 2016 Retrospective: It’s not about the Numbers

    2016 Retrospective: It’s not about the Numbers

    First off, wanted to thank Bryan Harris, for it’s his challenge that caused this post to come to fruition in the first place. Writing consistently has been my latest stumbling block, hopefully moving forward this too will be something that I manage to improve upon. Secondly, I wanted to thank my mentor, Brennan Dunn, who…

  • thoughts on ad blockers on mobile

    thoughts on ad blockers on mobile

    Ads have gone overboard and there is a huge overhead from many of them especially with JavaScript running in the browser.  Ad blocking improves performance and battery life, and therefore overall user experience.  If you were making money off of ad revenue, guess what? Suddenly you need to rethink your business model.

  • podcasts for iOS developers

    podcasts for iOS developers

    I previously posted a list of iOS related podcasts I listen to during my wonderful 18 hour, 1400 mile commute between Maryland and Atlanta every week.  Well, this is my last week in Atlanta, but I wanted to update the list as my podcast selections have changed a bit.