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The economy has been upside down since late last year. Many people have been laid off, flooding the job market with qualified candidates. Companies have employed AI to screen the thousands of job applications they get. But, this screening process prevents many qualified candidates from ever having a human eye glance at their resume, much less land an interview. In today’s market, you have to play the AI game – beat the AI algorithms with your own AI.

What follows is a few resources I have put together in my own job prospect journey. Feedback is welcome and I will continually update this resource.

Job Search Engines

AI Apply 👎🏽

Teal 👍🏽

Jobright 👍🏽 → small startup, agile, and they actually listen & engage with their users

How I Create Resume Achievements with ChatGPT – from Teal

AI Engines 

See Prompts Notebook for usage

ChatGPT– decent results with proper prompting

Claude Haiku– supposed to be much better – I tend to like it more > 50% of the time

Gemini – the new version of Google’s Bard – not as good as the others IMHO

How I Create Resume Achievements with ChatGPT – from Teal

AI Prompting

Ruben Hassid

LinkedIn Strategy

Jasmin Alić

Fuad’s AI Prompt Templates

Attribution: I developed these based off of free content from Ruben Hassid

Cover Letter – Blank Template

How to land a job with ChatGPT → this one is straight up Ruben’s

Brainstorm my problem – Template

Job Experience Description – Template

Sample cover letter assisted by AI prompting: Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Android Auto

Prompts for Freelancers & Consultants

Refine Positioning Statement – Template 

Writing Your Internal Manifesto


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