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As an iOS / Swift mentor for, every week I give my students a list of resources as a follow up to our mentoring session.  Typically this consists of a short email listing the resources, which can include podcasts, videos, blog posts, etc.  I have a ton of resources I like to share over the duration of the course, but I try not to give too many at once so as not to overwhelm.  This week, however, most of my students hit a transition point in their learning, as they started working on building their own apps, and we covered a lot of ground in our discussions.Continue reading

August 21, 2014

New iTunes Connect Analytics, Crash Reporting

iTunes Connect

There are a lot of changes coming with iOS 8 including the quality and type of reporting on app usage, analytics, and crash reports directly from Apple.  These don’t seem to be specific or limited to iOS 8, but rather part of updates to the App Store & iTunes connect.  The impression I got from the announcements they made in this regard was that basically companies like Crashlytics and AppDynamics may be seeing competition from Apple, at least on the iOS side of the house.Continue reading

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